Hey Google, set timer for 2 minutes-gratitude rant

Hey Google, set timer for 2 minutes-gratitude rant

ready, set go 

It’s Saturday  

and I woke up  

and my cat is right next to me, draped across my lamp base  

and I got to dance with him today  

and I can hear the birds outside my door  

and the music of Pat Metheny in the background  

and I have breakfast  

and coffee  

and groceries on the way  

and pet groceries on the way too  

and I get to pace myself to keep feeling better  

my voice is coming back  

and I never left  

and I get to paint my clothes today  

and love my life today  

and go to the Gulf of Mexico today  

and have a hot date with me today to watch Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris  

and that’s my time but only for these two minutes.  

Go out and make your Saturday count.  

This is the only today you have after all. Love you and talk to you later. 



Hey Google set timer for 2 minutes. 

Gratitude Rant

G for Google 

G for Grateful 

G for Golly Gee whiz boy did I 


GIFTED yesterday. I 

Got a hat that says 

GIRL on it 

Got a sweat suit that says 

GIFTED let’s talk about that shall we? Sure. I’m 

GIFTED. Is that okay to say out loud? 

Gosh it sure is. Why? Because if you believe in something that starts with a 

G that’s where those

GIFTS come from silly. We’re supposed to celebrate them and own them and share them and express them as our GIFTS back to whoever or whatever we believe made all this 

Good stuff for 

Goodness sake,  so I’m 

Going on the road because I 

Get to 

Go to Oklahoma and I 

Get to see my friends and I 

Get to see my daughter and I 

Get to see my art community and I 

Get to miss my cat and I 

Get to miss the beach and that’s all 

Good news because why? Because I have a

Great life that I’ve created  and it’s 

Good to know that I’ve made something I love so much that I 

Get to miss it. 

Gratitude? you betcha!  It’s 

Givingthanks week after all. I like the word appreciation too but we’re sticking with the letter 

G for 


G for 

Great (I am leaving this next three words here because they are NOT the words I typed…you can decide what that GIFT might be…)

Jesus for Greatness 

G is for 


G is for 

GIFTS. Celebrate all of that in you and around you today. That’s time! I’m 

Going to drive now. Hey 

Google Maps 

Get me to Tulsa Oklahoma safely. Hey Universe. Thanks in advance for doing that.