Satitude Gratitude Rant

Satitude Gratitude Rant

Hey Google, set timer for two minutes.

Good Times Saturday Gratitude Rant.

Well it’s Saturday that’s a good thing for one. 

The second good thing is the fact that I’m still alive because I drove through Little Rock last night. 

Thank God I made it. I did talk to the pavement and myself and the air and a lot of people on the phone so thanks to everybody who helped me stay alive. 

I left my house in Florida at 6:00 a.m. and after driving through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas,I rolled into Tulsa, Oklahoma where I’m staying at 11:00 p.m. on fumes. 

I’m so grateful because on that ride I had so many people to talk to and so much loud music to sing with and semis to I don’t know say bad things about 

and I’m just really grateful to be alive. 

Note to self and you’re my witness next time I come to Tulsa I’m going to do it on a vehicle that has wings. 

Today I get to go to Stuff Dreams Are Made of 

Today I get to be out in the sunshine 

Today I get to bask in the love in the house where I’m staying with the fur babies that are treated like royalty as well they should be 

Today I get to be surrounded by love in that house 

Today I get to have celebration that my body got to sleep on the best TempurPedic mattress on the planet 

Today I get to find out what the universe has in store and I can’t wait. 

And today I get to be

 I get to see color 

I get to play in the paint 

I get to draw I get to laugh 

I get to do whatever the hell I want. 

Because why?
Because I can,  that’s why. 

And for all that freedom and 

all that privilege and 

all the joy that’s coming and 

the good food alongside that 

I am grateful infinity.

 I hope wherever you are 

whatever you’re doing 

whatever you’re looking at 

you look for the best parts of it 


that’s time love you on a Saturday morning 

bye for now