We Need a Day

We Need a Day

My brother, Jim Bunn, is a decorated journalist. At last count, he holds 6 Emmys and a Peabody Award to his credit. 

And on December 1st  1988, he co-founded World AIDS day, bringing annual global focus to the still present disease and honoring those who have been lost to it. 

December 1st was his idea because he knew that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it would be a slow news cycle, making the story less likely to be buried on the back page.

In 1988, Jim was working at KPIX in San Francisco where he covered the AIDS pandemic. 

His passionate work there drew the attention of the World Health Organization, compelling them to borrow him from his TV station for a two-year assignment to the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

This is the story and I could not be prouder. Love you Jimmy.



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