11-17-2022 Gratitude Rant

11-17-2022 Gratitude Rant

Gratitude Rant 11-17-2022 

Hey Google set timer for 2 minutes.  

Thanks so much to the universe for yesterday  

and young people  

and sweatshirts with messages 

and Beignets and Billy Preston  

and layers of clothes and lots of love  

and photos and tree ornaments and ideas and friends 

and cats so much for the cats  

and Light  

and did I mention layers  

and travels that’ll be safe  

and oxygen  

and things to look forward to and plans  

and paint and bright colors  

and that’s time but thank God it’s not all of it.  

gosh I’m glad about those bright colors 

and food  

and oh my gosh sushi sushimoto sushi 

and music and entertaining  

and I get to host trivia tonight  

and I get to make people laugh  

and I get to sing harmony  

and I get to drink coffee soon that hasn’t happened yet  

and I get to Marvel at the fact that this morning I had so much good stuff come out of me in the form of telling my story I had to do it by voice because it just came so fast  

and oh by the way I get to see my daughter 

 this is definitely not in order because that gets to happen on Thanksgiving  

and I haven’t seen her beautiful spirit and soul since May  

and I get to be loved on by two really big dogs for the entire time I’m in Tulsa  

Ruggles is a Bernese mountain dog that looks like a Snufflufagus  

and his sister Luna who covers me  

Much love on this Friday Eve to you wherever you are  

and your assignment today is to see how many colors of pink you can see in the world as you go forward. 


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