MY LIFE STORY, from beginning to end

MY LIFE STORY, from beginning to end

In the year 2050, I became this meme on Spacebook.  Here’s why.

Age 0. I was born.

Age 7. My dad died. His heart stopped. My heart broke. My family broke.

Age 8-17. Survival mode training 101, Part 1. 

Just add tequila.

Age 18-25. Survival mode training 101, Part 2. 

Had husband. Had miscarriage. Had lots of tequila.

Age 25-41. Got rid of tequila. Got new husband.

I got a  starter survival toolbox.  Some items included: 1-family of choice, 1-Blue Book, 1-Higher Power.

Read some tools, practiced some tools, lost some tools, misused some tools, lacked some tools.

Age 42-55. Put main toolbox in the garage. Got some tools out on occasion. Usually between kid’s events, bouts with cancer, mother’s funeral and Modern Family episodes.

Added second toolbox. Included brightly colored paint, some joy, furniture, brushes. Kept this one in the house.

Age 55. Life and my immediate family, as I knew it for 26 years, blew up all over the living room. 

Main toolbox found, under the rubble. Second toolbox proved to be a lifesaver.

Age 56-60. Did not die. Learned how to live. Took a minute. Got out the main toolbox. Added more books, more family of choice. Upgraded Higher Power. Added the Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of to my second toolbox. Used frequently.

Age 60-62. Got a wake-up call that I am gonna die. Don’t know how long I have. Estimate just under 30 years.

Found open door to a road less traveled. Walked through the door. Drove down the road. Led me to the beach. Brought both toolboxes. Put in the front seat for safety, like eggs and bread.

The main toolbox got upgrade. New Red Book added. New family adopted. Higher Power got another upgrade.  

Realized Higher Power has their shit together. And I am not far behind.

(Coming up)

Age 62-64 Continued using toolboxes. Got rid of tools that no longer worked. Upgraded to new and improved tools as more was revealed. Leaned into love. Burned fear in effigy. Surprised myself.

Age 64-90 Continued waking up with direct access to salt water and sunshine. Adapted toolbox and lifestyle to fit each other. Continued to upgrade and maintain Higher Power connection. Like electricity. Paying the bill by fully expressing my gifts and sharing. Wrote one kickass book. Or twelve. Won award for most fun grandmother in the history of time. Lost award for most humble grandmother of all time.

Let myself be love. 

Let myself be loved. 

Let myself be.

Happy New Everything 2022-

Happy New Everything 2022-

Apparently, I’ve been raptured LOL.

Funny story here… My mom became born again as a Christian in 1980 something. (Personally, I feel born again every morning when I get out of bed. I digress.)
At the time of mother’s enlightenment, my sister and I were young adults. It was not unusual to find brochures about the rapture laying around mother’s condo. My mom’s not-so-subliminal way of trying to make sure we were saved. (Like coupons, only better.)

“Cindy, (my name in a previous life,) There may come a time when you and I are at the movies and the Lord comes for me. So just be prepared because if that happens, you will look over to find my seat empty, with just my clothes in a pile where I used to be.” No embellishment. She really said that.

As a believer in something bigger than me, I pondered the arrogance of her remark. If your God teaches ‘judge not,’ who are you to say whether or not I get picked for the naked team up in Heaven!?!

Whatever you believe, Happy New Year. As for me in my house, I am open to all of it. I believe we are all walking each other home at some point anyway.

And in the meantime, I plan to continue to milk the shit out of my journey. Creating my happiness. Finding my joy. And practicing my bliss.Hap