I had a friend once who used to say, “My name is James. I’m a wino and a junkie. My God has three answers. Yes, no and wait.”

My name is Lucinda Bunn. And I share that same God. I am a sober alcoholic and have been an addict of many things. Food, alcohol, shopping, social media and I am sure there’s more. These are all things I have used trying to fill the God shaped hole in me. Depending on the day, they may look like a “Whack A Mole” game, popping up here and there, waiting for me to bash them over the head with my God shaped mallet.

I am also an ex wife times two, a mother, a former waitress, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a breast cancer survivor and on a good day, a lover.

And I am an artist. A creator. Made by the same. We all are. In some way. I hope to encourage you here to find your creativity along the way.

Among other things, I have painted furniture for foster kids, whimsical art furniture and canvas for sale and I have even taken an occasional audience hostage as a stand up comedian. I also take photographs. I see art in everything. And if you look in the mirror, there is art there too. In your eyes. In your soul. There is only one you that was created. That is how special YOU are.

I write because I have to. My God insists upon it. So, I am sharing it here. Because I have been told that I inspire people when I do write.

All I do is hold the camera or the paint brush or the pencil and my God does the rest. Sometimes it pukes out my fingers onto a keyboard. So as long as that is happening, I might as well throw up on you guys. So thanks in advance. For joining me. As I tell my truth because without it, what’s the point?

Thanks for reading. And if any of this writing moves you at all, please share it, comment, follow me. Because it is my intention to grow a following here as I am writing my story as my God has directed me to and this is my way of sharing as I go with that process. It is my hope that by developing a following here, I will inspire others and that when the story is published, it will do the same. I will keep you apprised when it is done.

Also, I love you.